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Dean Financial LLC

Dean Financial LLC was founded on principals that help our clients with Safe Money Concepts and Medicare Solutions. The center pieces of our foundation are education and understanding. This commitment is critical to the value that we bring to you. As Independent Advisors, we are able to impartially shop on our client’s behalf. This enables the client to have a much broader selection of products. We like to say “Independent for Your Best Interest” because we represent you, not some company. Unfortunately, it is too often the other way around. We are doing our best to change that, one client at a time.

Justin L. Dean

Founder, President

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I recall being interested in how money and business worked since I was a small child. I was more drawn to folks like my grandparents than I was to children my own age. Consequently, it makes sense that I have been helping pre-retirees and retirees in the Hickory and surrounding areas since 2005.

It is my belief that family is one of the most important things that someone can value and anyone that knows me, knows that my two beautiful daughters are my world. I understand that the center role that I play is the most important influence in their lives. Someone once told me “I have never seen a Father adore his children the way that you do”. To me, there is no greater compliment. My girls love going to the beach, which is something we try to do as often as possible. In addition to my immediate family, I am very involved with my church family as well as our community. Being involved in the community has helped me shape relationships and it allows me to use my skills to help others. After all, isn’t that what life is about; people helping people? If you feel like I might be able to help you, please don’t hesitate to give me a call today.